Odense Sofa

Odense Sofa

From £699.00

Here we have our newest product adding to Young & Sons Luxury Furniture range.

The Odense sofa 🛋

Young & Sons have lovingly designed and crafted each stylish piece with the aim of bringing you a hygge vibe. Each designer piece has been created to convey comfort and luxury into your home. Our sofas, chairs and footstools will give your home the cosy feeling it deserves, somewhere for your family to relax and unwind comfortably together in your happy place.

Available in:

Modular corner: 97cm

Modular unit: 97cm

Small modular units with arm: 122cm

Large modular unit with arm: 219cm

4 seater: 244cm

3 seater: 215cm

2 seater: 190cm

Oversized chair: 147cm

Corner sofa: 316cm

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